Smart Complain Management System

Designed to improve client relationships and give a better experience ahead

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A Perfect Features


KPI & Reporting

Provide a clear performance and growth potential of the organization.


Multi Department Support

Develop and maintain various in-house systems required for efficient communication and work among department.


Complain Tagging

Let users effectively organize information and assign complain.


Complain Management

Resolving individual complaints and creating potential for systemic improvement.



Notify public on their complaint timeline and status on progress.


QR Code

Quickly submit complaints by scanning the QR Code without no additional downloads required.

Meet Complainbos

Complainbos is a smart complaint management system that comes equipped with all the features that are necessary.

KPIs and Reporting, Multi-Department Support, and other features, along with its other capabilities, allow for more efficient management of your business and the achievement of higher-level objectives.

See why Complainbos ought to be your top choice.


A platform where your concerns truly matter

Engages your complains with just few steps!

Service Offer

All-in-one complaint system's support that is refreshingly convenient

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Complaint Submission

Our complaint management system has all the necessary tools for feedback and complain management for a wide range of industries.

Provide a seamless complaint submission cycle for your customers through a convenient scan and submit method.

Resolve individual complaints and create potential for systemic improvement.

Performance Dashboard

The dashboard allows users to measure results and gain insights into metrics related to complaint submitted by departments in monthly or daily basis, customers, agent performance, and other factors via key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time.

It also offers features such as offline access, root cause analysis, audit trail, and many other

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Addressing and resolving submitted complaints is critical, but being able to spot problem areas and prevent further incidents can also make your organization a better place to work for every employee.

Using maps, charts and graphs, you can identify patterns and hotspots so you can stop issues before they start.

Online Platform

A web-enabled, mobile-friendly platform ensures you capture every complaint.

Not only can public submit complaints from wherever they have an internet connection by scanning through the QR code, organisation can make updates and solve tickets anywhere, anytime.

This allows you to log information and evidence while it’s still fresh.